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LPIC 102 개요

Exam 102: Tasks and Sample Questions

LPI Level 1 exam 102 tests basic capabilities in these areas:

  • Kernel

  • Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels

  • Printing

  • Documentation

  • Shells, Scripting, Programming, and Compiling

  • Administrative Tasks

  • Networking Fundamentals

  • Networking Services

  • Security

Sample Questions

The following are sample questions relating to LPI Exam 102. None of these items actually appear on the real exam, but they were actual submissions and are representative of the types of questions and the content covered by the exam. Please note however that the items below are flawed in some way and have been rejected; they are presented only as an illustration.


Which command is used to change settings on IDE hard disk drives?

   1. hdparm
   2. hddparm
   3. diskparm
   4. hdparam
   5. ideconfig

OBJECTIVE: 1.12.1 TYPE: mc

Your logfile shows repeated connections to TCP port 143. Which named service is being accessed?

   1. imap
   2. smbd
   3. nmbd
   4. pop2
   5. smtp

OBJECTIVE: 1.12.1 TYPE: fitb

What type of packet does an IP ping use (provide acronym)?

   1. ICMP

OBJECTIVE: 1.12.2 TYPE: mc

To learn more about the management of an Internet site, the best utility to use would be:

   1. whois
   2. traceroute
   3. ping
   4. telnet
   5. rpcdump

OBJECTIVE: 1.12.3 TYPE: mc

If you had a Linux system routing 3 different Networks through 3 NICs and you were having trouble with your IP-Forwarding. Where would you look to ensure that IP-Forwarding is actually enabled?

   1. cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
   2. netstat
   3. cat /proc/net/tcp
   4. iptraf -d eth0
   5. tail -f /var/log/messages

OBJECTIVE: 1.13.1 TYPE: mc

What file is used for associating port numbers to port names?

   1. /etc/services
   2. /etc/hosts
   3. /etc/inetd.conf
   4. /etc/securetty
   5. /etc/ports

OBJECTIVE: 1.13.4 TYPE: mc

You want to make the directory /local available via NFS. All users on your local network should be allowed to read and write files. Which of the following is correct, assuming that your local network is, and your machine is part of the DNS domain foobar.com?

   1. /local
   2. /local *.com(rw)
   3. /local
   4. /local

Top OBJECTIVE: 1.14.1 TYPE: fitb

Which file can you create to prevent non-root users from logging into the system? (specify path and filename)

   1. /etc/nologin

OBJECTIVE: 1.14.2 TYPE: fitb

What command can be used to display a formatted output of the wtmp file? (no arguments)

   1. last

OBJECTIVE: 1.14.3 TYPE: fitb

Which command can be executed by a user who is already logged into the system, in order to change to the root user? (type the command without any parameters)

   1. su


To cause a particular print job to be printed next, regardless of its current position in the queue, what command would be used?

   1. lpc topq
   2. lpc -t
   3. lpq -t
   4. lpq --next
   5. lpc move


Which statement describes the LPD daemon?

   1. Manages the printing subsystem
   2. Manages all incoming connections and spawns off child processes
   3. Is responsible for file sharing across a network
   4. Manages scheduling of routine system tasks
   5. Keeps track of system messages and errors

OBJECTIVE: 2.10.4 TYPE: mc

When configuring a terminal for X what does the -fn switch do?

   1. It sets the font size and or type for the terminal.
   2. It sets the terminal's default function.
   3. It places the terminal in the foreground on your screen.
   4. It sets the terminal's initial value to false.
   5. It sets the terminal's initial display to reverse video.


What command(s) do you use to create swap space?

   1. mkswap
   2. activeswap
   3. swapon
   4. initswap
   5. mkfs -t swap

OBJECTIVE: 2.2.3 TYPE: fitb

Type the full command you could use to decompress the file "foo.gz"

   1. gzip -d foo.gz
   2. gunzip -d foo.gz
   3. gunzip foo.gz
   4. unzip foo.gz
   5. decompress foo.gz


How can you add package information from a file Packages to the database of available Debian packages?

   1. dpkg --merge-avail Packages
   2. dpkg --update-avail Packages
   3. dpkg --record-avail Packages
   4. dpkg -U Packages


You need to find out which package owns a file called /etc/paper.config. Which command will answer this question?

   1. rpm -qf /etc/paper.config
   2. rpm -qa|grep /etc/paper.config
   3. rpm -Fq /etc/paper.config
   4. rpm -q /etc/paper.config
   5. rpm --requires /etc/paper.config

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